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About Us

A summary on Drug Accesss Canada

What we're here to do.

We're here to help patients by giving tools to healthcare professionals. Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Drug Access Navigators. When they know what medications are available for patients, those patients benefit. Our Programs database contains numerous Patient Support Programs.

Drug Access Canada also believes in expanding the role of the Drug Access Navigator. This profession is a centralized expert to help with finding ways to get access to treatment. Whether there be a drug not covered publicly or to fill any financial gaps so that patients pay little or nothing out of pocket, a Drug Access Navigator is ready to help.

This website has been supported by various funding partners. Drug Access Canada is solely accountable for the content associated with this website and certifies that all content has been developed without the influence of any funding partners.

This website is also a joint collaboration with members of the Canadian Oncology Drug Access Network.

Government Funding
Accessing federal drug programs such as the Health Canada Special Access Program (SAP).
Finding other reimbursement means for unfunded drug costs.
Patient Support
Accessing Patient Support Programs (PSP) for free drug and financial assistance.


To improve the quality of patient care by increasing the voice of the Drug Access Navigator as well as creating improvements and removing barriers to drug accessibility across Canada.


Committed to ensure that every patient that may derive benefit is connected with a Drug Access Navigator and provided assistance with accessing their prescribed treatments.

Board of Directors

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